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(for Saturday , May 24 , 2003)




Well, they do say that all good things must come to an end. I guess in the case of McVille, all mediocre things must come to an end too.

Why? The semi-resounding cry kinda echoes down the empty hallways. Well, many people may have noticed the lack of good humour and the presence of crap jokes over the last... uh... lots of episodes. I haven't got any ideas, and the entire process is becoming somewhat of a chore.

I was told (or I read somewhere) that I should do a comic because I love it and... yeah. I don't love it any more.

In closing, I'd like to say that this process of writing a final rant is incredibly similar to breaking up with a girlfriend. There's the mild adrenaline rush (while typing... how pathetic) and the feeling that it's a bad idea, but over all it's gonna happen eventually and now's as good a time as any.

It's been fun. If anyone of you who I don't know personally want to yell at me or whatever, my email is tommclean@fastmail.fm and that same address is my MSN ID thingy so feel free to drop me a line or whatever.

On the offchance that McVille starts up again (unlikely, I think) then I'll post it on forums everywhere, probably. I might start a completely different comic, on Keenspace or Drunkduck or... who knows? If so, I'll post that on forums and stuff too.

Well... that's all from me. Adios.

  Heh. o_O

I redesigned this site not so long ago, on the proviso I was given a rant. Now look at me: I continually forget that I'm supposed to WRITE the damn thing. And the way the system works, it just blanks if I haven't done one. Looks horrid. I should have written more regularly

Well, as Tom has no doubt pointed out, do not fear the empty blue space any longer. Why, you ask? Well, read his rant, I'm sure he'll outline why. Suffice to say, no more rants from me, Tom, or any other honk. No more blue spaces either.

*wipes a tear from eye* It's the end of an age, folks, and I can feel death's grip on my shoulders. No wait, I'm imagining that (too much coffee I suspect). Nonetheless, I'll be sad to see McVille go, and I'm sure everyone who read it (that's right, all 3 of you) will be feeling lonely and lost without your every-other-day dose of comic + empty space where Dave's rant should be.

I wonder if the McVille forums continue, in some crazy post-mortem chatshow fashion? I wouldn't know, my forums hiatus ends in a week, but it will be strange to visit a forums about a comic that doesn't exist anymore.

A final note: look out for crazy games and whatnot from Grumpy Castle Software. That's us! Actually, it's Tom, but I help a bit here and there. OK, it's just Tom. Nonetheless, watch out for it! Maybe there will be some hidden McVille content only you regular readers will get. On the other hand, maybe not. Actually, no. Oh well.

So, uh, goodbye.

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